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Velvet-wormProf. L. Mahadevan and Andrés Concha (former Harvard postdoc) reveal the secret to the velvet worm's split-second slime attack in the latest issue of Nature Communications.  Full story and video. (image courtesy of Andrés Concha)
ticker_pigeonResearcher, David Williams and OEB Prof. Andy Biewener report in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences how pigeons dodge obstacles when navigating tight spots.  Full story and video.
Hopi HoekstraOEB Prof. Hopi Hoekstra has been awarded the 2015 National Academy of Sciences Richard Lounsbery Award for her work probing the molecular basis of how adaptation to novel selective pressures establishes and sustains diversity during evolution.  Full story.
Richard LewontinThe Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded, Professor Emeritus, Richard Lewontin, The Crafoord Prize in Biosciences 2015 for his pioneering contributions to the understanding of genetic polymorphism.  Full story.
pumbkins-holbrookJust how big can can fruit grow? A new study co-authored by OEB Professor, N. Michele Holbrook and her former postdoc (current Putnam Fellow) Jessica Savage answers that question in the latest issue of Plant, Cell & Environment. Their research is spotlighted in BBC Earth.  Full story.
Jim HankenNature Communications published a new study co-authored by OEB Professor, James Hanken, that shows the pattern for skull development in frogs is different than that of other vertebrates. Full story
Pardis SabetiOEB Professor, Pardis Sabeti, and Researcher Stephen Gire, receive honorable mention as 2014 Bostonians of the year for their work on Ebola Full story

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