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L. MahadevanOEB Prof. L. Mahadevan's latest study discovers how to control drying-induced deposition. Full story
Peter Girguis and James McCarthyA new study led by OEB Prof. Peter Girguis and co-authored by OEB Prof. James McCarthy, shows whale microbiome shares characteristics with both ruminants and predators. Full story
ELizabeth WolkovichOEB Prof. Elizabeth Wolkovich examines the earlier arrival of spring and it's potential clash with nature's genetic programming. Full story
Peter GirguisOEB Prof. Pete Girguis one of 10 funded researchers of NSF $23 million Dimensions of Biodiversity Program to study the planet's biodiversity. Full story
Pardis SabetiOEB Prof. Pardis Sabeti and her team apply Ebola methods to shed light on spread of Lassa fever. Full story
Termite MoundOEB Prof. L. Mahadevan's newest study reveals termites' massive mounds ventilate like lungs. Full story
Andrew RichardsonOEB Prof. Andrew Richardson has built a high-tech forest to help teach about global warming. Full story
Scott EdwardsCongratulations to OEB Prof. Scott Edwards for receiving the 2015 Elliot Coues Award from the American Ornithologists Union. Full story

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Groundbreaking research in the life sciences is now more interdisciplinary than ever and it is often the case that OEB faculty work in more than one of these areas.

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The Broad Institute is a research collaboration of MIT and Harvard, created to bring the power of genomics to medicine. Colleen Cavanaugh, Dan Hartl, Maryellen Ruvolo, and Pardis Sabetiare associate members of the institute.

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The OEB concentration provides opportunities for students to study biological diversity in the field, whether close to home or abroad.

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OEB Graduate students participate in collaborative forefront research in their chosen area of study.

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