OEB Facilities Staff

Irv Dumay
Building Manager
Phone: 617.495.1569
Fax: 617.496.8308
Email: idumay@oeb.harvard.edu
Irv Dumay manages building facilities in the OEB, HUH and MCZ complex. He ensures that these buildings and facilities are maintained in accordance with University policy and procedures. He provides input to the planning and implementation of capital projects, alterations, repairs and refurbishments. He guides facilities planning and maintenance and custodial operations. Working with Harvard's internal resources and outside contractors and vendors, Irv coordinates office, teaching space and lab construction and assists employees in internal moves. Irv also manages the mailroom and shipping/receiving operations for the department.

Jay McNeil
Building Manager
Phone: 617.495.5857
Fax: 617.496.8308
Email: jmcneil@fas.harvard.edu
Jay assists Irv Dumay in delivering scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure a safe, orderly and pleasant work environment in the OEB, HUH and MCZ complex.

Paul Dwyer
Mailroom Staff Assistant
Phone: 617.495.2466
Fax: 617.496.8308
Email: pdwyer@oeb.harvard.edu
Paul is responsible for the daily handling of incoming/outgoing mail and packages.