OEB Administrative Staff

Rebecca Chetham
Executive Director
Becky is responsible for all operations in support of the teaching and research mission of the department, encompassing facilities, environmental health and safety, finance, sponsored research and research compliance, human resources, and general administration.
Phone: 617.496.1080
Fax: 617.496.8308
Email: rchetham@oeb.harvard.edu

Damari Rosado
Associate Director of Administration
Phone: 617.495.2305
Fax: 617.496.8308
Email: drosado@oeb.harvard.edu

Wendy Heywood
Communications & Events Coordinator
Phone: 617.496.4639
Fax: 617.496.8308
Email: wheywood@oeb.harvard.edu

Alexander Hernandez-Siegel
Senior Academic Programs Administrator
Alex handles all matters related to Graduate Student Life, Teaching Fellow appointments, OEB requirements, financial support, forms (TF, degree applications, language certification, etc.) and any related concerns. He is the primary administrative resource for all graduate students and handles matters related to OEB courses. Alex also coordinates the OEB Undergraduate Group (OEBug) and field trip logistics for the department.
Phone: 617.384.9271
Fax: 617.496.8308
Email: ahernandezsiegel@fas.harvard.edu

Bridget Power
Administrative Coordinator
Bridget supports the general operations of the department and is a great resource for any question you might have. She handles a variety of daily administrative functions including telephone requests and repair orders, telephone billing maintenance, requests for parking and keys, the United Way/Community Gifts through Harvard Campaign, and other team projects. She coordinates the OEB Seminar Series as well as the OEB Lab Safety and Green Team meetings. Bridget is the department’s primary resource on faculty searches and promotions. In addition, Bridget assists the Department Chair (John Wakeley), Director of Administration (Rebecca Chetham), and Assistant Director of Administration (Damari Rosdado).
Phone: 617.495.5891
Fax: 617.496.8308
Email: bridgetpower@fas.harvard.edu