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Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Bumjin NamkoongBumjin Namkoong




I am studying the etiology and pathogenesis of Hemifacial Microsomia using chick and mouse model systems in combination with RNAi technology and lentivirus mediated transgenesis.


S. Hyun, J. H. Lee, H. Jin, J. Nam, B. Namkoong, Gina Lee, J. Chung and V. N. Kim (2009) "Conserved microRNA miR-8/miR-200 and its target USH/FOG2 control growth by regulating P13K" Cell 139:1096-1108.

Y. K. Kim, J. Yu, T. S. Han, S. Y. Park, B. Namkoong, D. H. Kim, K. Hur, M. W. Yoo, J. J. Lee, H. K. Yang, and V. N. Kim (2009) "Functional links between clustered microRNAs: suppression of cell- cyle inhibitors by microRNA clusters in gastric cancer" Nucleic Acids Research. doi: 101093/nar/gkp002.