Lab News

NSF Olivia Weeks received a Hoopes Prize for her undergraduate thesis and has started graduate school.
NSF Professor Abzhanov has received a Radcliffe fellowship (Grass Fellow) at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, 2013-2014.
NSF Science & Vie published an article on the lab's work on dinosaurs and birds (2012).
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NSF NSF highlighted Dr. Abzhanov's life and work on LiveScience (2012).
NSF Perry, C. "Pecking order: In Birds' development, researchers find diversity by the peck", Harvard Gazette, September 24th (2012).
"How Dinosaurs Became Birds" by Arhat Abzhanov on Academic Minute Program on National Public Radio (WAMC), September 16th (2012).
  • The Abzhanov Lab uses morphometric, molecular, cellular, and developmental genetics methods to study how cranial cells undergo skeletal differentiation, and how cranial skeleton changes in evolution.
  • Professor Arhat Abzhanov is interested in vertebrate craniofacial development, evolution and disease.
  • Bhart-Anjan Bhullar studies the evolution of cranial and cervical development within Amniota. His current research focuses on the evolution and development of the face in Archosauria (birds and crocodiles).
  • Bumjin Namkoong is studying the etiology and pathogenesis of Hemifacial Microsomia using chick and mouse model systems in combination with RNAi technology and lentivirus mediated transgenesis.
  • Masayoshi Tokita is studying evolution and development of vertebrates, especially their musculoskeletal system. I am currently working on research projects to understand craniofacial evolution of Darwin's finches and Hawaiian honeycreepers.
  • Thom Sanger with another Anolis lizard
  • Jasmin Camacho in a bat cave
  • Jasmin climbing
  • Michael Brent Hawkins with an Anolis lizard.
  • Artibeus jamaicensis adult
  • Carollia bat
  • Phyllostomus
  • Comparative bat ontogeny
  • Bat embryos
  • Arhat in studying Caribbean bullfinches in Barbados
  • Bhart-Anjan Bhullar collecting collecting alligator eggs in Louisiana
  • Anolis lizards
  • This and the following photos show Anolis lizard, ©Thomas Sanger.
  • Galápagos lava lizard
  • Galápagos Field Site
  • Field site in Genovesa
  • Large scale evolution Large scale evolution
  • alligator embryo Scanning electron microscopy of an alligator embryo
  • Abzhanov-Nature-Fig3AB Bhullar, B., J. Marugán-Lobón, F. Racimo, G.S. Bever, M.A. Norell, T. B. Rowe and Abzhanov, A. (2012) Birds have paedomorphic dinosaur skulls. Nature 487, 223–226.
  • African Seedcracker African Seedcracker (reconstructed MicroCT-scan)
  • African Seedcracker (light image)
  • Bmp4 and 																Morphological Variation Abzhanov, A., Protas, M., B. Grant, R., Grant, P.R. and Tabin, C.J. (2004). Bmp4 and Morphological Variation of Beaks in Darwin's Finches. Science, 305, 1462-1465.
  • Large female ground finch Large female ground finch
  • Small bullfinch Small bullfinch
  • Large female ground finch Large female ground finch