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News Stories on Our Work

  • NSF

    Olivia Weeks received a Hoopes Prize for her undergraduate thesis on dental development in the American Alligator. She has since started graduate school.

  • NSF

    Professor Abzhanov has received a Radcliffe fellowship (Grass Fellow) at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, 2013-2014.

  • NSF

    NSF highlighted Dr. Abzhanov's life and work on LiveScience (2012).

  • NSF

    In "Pecking order: In Birds' development, researchers find diversity by the peck", the Harvard Gazette profiled the Abzhanov lab. September 24th (2012).

  • Arhat Abzhanov

    "How Dinosaurs Became Birds," by Arhat Abzhanov, aired on Academic Minute Program on National Public Radio/WAMC, September 16th (2012).

  • "Baby Boom: Did Retained Juvenile Traits Help Birds Outlive Dinosaurs? Differences in developmental timing may have given birds their big eyes, big brains and smaller size", by Fecht, S. appeared in Scientific American, May 31st (2012).

  • Nature Podcast recorded an interview with Anjan Bhullar (Dr. Abzhanov's PhD student) discussing Bhullar et al.'s 2012 article in Nature, July 12th (2012).