Harvard University
Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology



Summer - We had a fun and busy summer!

Thanks to our high school interns Sarang, Emily and Eli, as well as long-term intern Grace Daher who is now off to work as a research assistant at Dana Farber!


At left is the lab's awesome summer league beach volleyball team with (left to right): Andrew, Pierre, Ben, Brian, Kevin and Shane.

Alas we say farewell to long-time postdoc Ben Hunter who embarks on a road trip across the US before returning to Europe.

Former postdoc Jesse Hollister obtained a faculty position at Stony Brook University - Congratulations!!

Spring - Marie Curie Fellow Andrew Lloyd and PhD student Holly Elmore joined the lab to work on meiosis. Welcome to both!




November - Our lab joined the Richardson lab for a joint retreat in the White Mountains (New Hampshire) and managed a surprise win at deep-woods capture the flag. It snowed that night, and the next morning was Franchesco's first time seeing snow and experiencing a snowball fight!

November - Jeremy O'Connell joined the lab as a new postdoc. Welcome!!

October - Our high school intern, Dina Benayad, had her documentary video on women in STEM fields chosen from a national competition, and earned herself a trip to LA to meet with directors and scientists and the nine other winners. Congratulations Dina - we are so proud of you!!

August - Our latest A. arenosa genome scan and cytology (with our collaborators James Higgins and Chris Franklin from the University of Birmingham, UK) work was accepted in Current Biology. Congratulations Levi, Jesse, Kevin, Brian, James and Chris!

August - Our new PhD student, Franchesco, has arrived! Welcome!

August - Kirsten was promoted to Thomas D. Cabot Associate Professor.

June - Kevin received a Postdoc Award for Professional Development from Harvard that will allow him to go learn some cytology from our collaborators, Chris Franklin's lab at the University of Birmingham, UK. Congratulations, Kevin!

May - Brian received a DeLill Nasser travel award from the Genetics Society of America. Congratulations Brian!! Now he'll get to go to the GRC Ecological Genomics conference in July.

April - Katherine Xue reworked her senior thesis for a general audience and ended up winning the prestigious Bowdoin Prize! Congratulations Katherine!!! Well deserved and we are all very proud of you!!

April - Our own Dina Benayad presented a poster at the Cambridge Science Festival!

April - Brian and Russ's RADseq bias paper came out online at Molecular Ecology


December - On the same day, our paper (Hollister et al) came out in PLoS Genetics, and Brian and Russ's RADseq bias paper was accepted to Molecular Ecology.

November - Kevin Wright was awarded an NIH NRSA postdoctoral fellowship! Congratulations, Kevin!!!

September - Our genome scan in A. arenosa autotetraploids was accepted for publication in PLoS Genetics. Congratulations Jesse et al.!!

August - We've had a great summer and will very much miss Grace, Kristin, Yanniv and Sara. Julie and Katherine will happily still be in the lab in the academic year.

June - Brian's paper, which he did together with John Wakeley, on extending coalescent theory to tetraploids has been accepted for publication in Genetics!

March - Further congratulations in order: Katherine Xue was named a Herchel-Smith Undergraduate Research Fellow for summer 2012!

February - Yanniv Dorone, who hails from France, joined the lab as an intern for six months. Welcome!

February - Brian Arnold received a DIGG grant from NSF! Congratulations, Brian!!

January - The lab received funding from NSF to work on habitat-associated differences in flowering time and plant architecture in A. arenosa.


December - Jesse received and accepted a Miryazan Policy Fellowship at NAS. Congratulations! Though he will be missed...

June - Brian passed his qualifying exam with flying colors!

April - Brian and April both received NSF predoctoral Fellowships. Congratulations!