William Bossert

William H. Bossert

David B. Arnold, Jr. Professor of Science

Phone: 617-495-4318
Office: 135 Maxwell Dworkin, 33 Oxford St

Website: http://www.seas.harvard.edu/ourfaculty/profile/William_Bossert

Mathematical biology, computer simulation of populations, analysis of animal communication, and management of marine fisheries and other game populations.

Recent Publications

Potts MD, AR Kassim, MNN Supardi, et al, 2005. Sampling tree diversity in Malaysian tropical forests: an evaluation of a pre-felling inventory. Forest Ecology and Management 205 (1-3): 385-395

McKenzie FE, WH Bossert, 2005. An integrated model of Plasmodium falciparum dynamics. Journal of Theoretical Biology 232 (3): 411-426

Potts MD, SJ Davies, WH Bossert, et al, 2004. Habitat heterogeneity and niche structure of trees in two tropical rain forests. Oecologia 139 (3): 446-453

McKenzie FE, JK Baird, JC Beier, et al, 2002. A biologic basis for integrated malaria control. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 67 (6): 571-577

McKenzie FE, GF Killeen, JC Beier, et al, 2001. Seasonality, parasite diversity, and local extinctions in Plasmodium falciparum malaria. Ecology 82 (10): 2673-2681

Courses Taught

OEB 55. Ecology: Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems
OEB 357. Population Biology and Mathematical Biology


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