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Some comments from past participants in the Undergraduate Diversity program


"I just wanted to thank you for the great opportunity of being part of the SSE/SSB Diversity Program. I would never imagine that I would travel to Alaska, let alone get to know some many cool people that are focused on projects. Keep the great work going.... I want to leave by saying that this experience led me to become part of W. Owen McMillan's laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico, as a graduate student. [Prof. McMillan is now at North Carolina State]. This experience gave me the assurance I needed to make my decision....Thanks,

Felix Araujo-Perez (June 2005)


"I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful opportunity in Fairbanks. I had a great time and I know the experience was invaluable. I met many people who could be useful contacts in the future, and talked with many graduate students from different programs I'm interested in applying to. In was able learn a lot about different grad programs from the students' perspective, and the individual labs and professors. I am also grateful for the chance to see so many topics from different areas within Evolution. I particularly enjoyed the talks on Evo Devo and I now want to learn a little more about that as well."

Joseph Bahlman, graduate student, Brown University (July 2005).


“After taking two-years off to teach, I decided to pursue this degree [PhD at UT Austin] and my experiences at the 2001 and 2002 Evolution meetings were key to my decision.  Having the opportunity to present my research and to learn what was going on in the field meant a lot to me.  However, the support and encouragement that I received from you and your staff was the most valuable resource.  Not only did you encourage me, but you also informed me of the importance of diversity within this field. Being the sole African-American in the entire Integrative Biology department has further opened my eyes to the need for greater diversity in evolutionary biology.  Thank you…”  

Jeanine Abrams, graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin (January 2007)


“I'm compelled to give you an update and restate my appreciation for that opportunity [of the UMEB program], because it was truly one of the most important moments of my academic/professional career.  It was at this conference that I discovered the field that could encompass all my interests: molecular anthropology, and where I came in contact with a professor that would guide me as I learned about the field and decided where I would continue graduate school.  Currently, I'm a first year student of the new Genetics and Genomics PhD program at the University of Florida working with Dr. Connie Mulligan and recipient of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.  I'm really happy with what I'm doing, and it might not have happened had I not gone to that [SSE/SSB] conference. So thank you, for my experience and for giving undergraduate students the opportunity to experience the world of academic research.”

Aida Miro, graduate student in the Genetics and Genomics Graduate Program at the University of Florida (February 2008)  



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