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Christian Anderson                           
Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD candidate, University of California, San Diego

MCZ Room 500C
Tel: 617-496-8387
Fax: 617-495-5667


2004 | Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences Stanford University, emphasis in Statistics

2007 | Master of Science, Marine Biology Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego CA

2007-2010 | Doctor of Philosophy, Marine Biology Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego CA






Research Interests:

I have quite broad research interests. I am interested in environmental conservation, which has led me to study genetics, chaos theory, network analysis, computer programming, coalescence, paleoecology, and much more. You can read more about my research here:



* 2009 | A Kilcik, CNK Anderson, JP Rozelot, H Ye, G Sugihara, A
Ozguc. Nonlinear Prediction of Solar Cycle 24. Astrophysics Journal, 693:

* 2009 | Kosheleff VP, CNK Anderson. Temperature's influence on the
activity budget, terrestriality, and sun exposure of chimpanzees in the
Budongo Forest, Uganda. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, In press.

* 2008 | Anderson, CNK, C Hsieh, SA Sandin, R Hewitt, A Hollowed, J
Beddington, RM May, G Sugihara. Why fishing magnifies fluctuations in fish
abundance. Nature 452: 835-839.

* 2008 | Hsieh, C, CNK Anderson, G Sugihara. Extending Nonlinear
Analysis to Short Ecological Time Series. American Naturalist 171: 71-80.

* 2006 | Chan YL, CNK Anderson, EA Hadly. Bayesian Estimation of the
Timing and Severity of a Population Bottleneck from Ancient DNA. Public
Library of Science: Genetics 2(4): e59.

* 2005 | Anderson CNK, U Ramakrishnan, YL Chan, EA Hadly. Serial
SimCoal: A population genetics program to simulate data from multiple
populations and points in time. Bioinformatics. 21(8): 1733-1734.

* 2003 | Anderson CNK, Capella MN. Potential spawning grounds of the
families of supra-class Elopomorpha. SEA Research, C-187.







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