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Susan E. Cameron

Ph.D. University of California, Davis

Environmental Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment 2008-2010

Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University,
26 Oxford Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138

MCZ Room 500B
Tel: 617-496-8387
Fax: 617-495-5667

CV (in PDF format)


Research Interests

Susan Cameron is an ecologist and conservation biologist who studies how climate change shapes patterns of biodiversity. Susan is an Environmental Fellow through the Harvard University Center for the Environment.

Susan completed a Ph.D. in Ecology with an emphasis in Conservation Ecology at the University of California Davis, in 2008, where she was a member of the department of Environmental Science and Policy. Susan’s dissertation research explored the role of Quaternary climate change in shaping biodiversity patterns in tropical rainforests, primarily in Australia.

In the Edwards Lab, Susan continues to study how past climate change has affected contemporary diversity patterns. She is developing models to predict how species may have adapted or migrated in response to climate change and testing these models with genetic data to understand how North American songbirds responded to the last ice age. More broadly, she is interested in applying GIS and spatial analysis to evolutionary and biogeographic questions.



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Cameron, S.E., K.J. Williams, and D.K. Mitchell. 2008. Efficiency and concordance of alternative methods for minimizing opportunity costs in conservation planning. Conservation Biology. 22: 886-896. DOI: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2008.00982.

Sarkar, S., M. Mayfield, S. Cameron, T. Fuller and J. Garson. 2007. Conservation area networks for the Indian region: systematic methods and future prospects. Himalayan Journal of Sciences. 4: 27-40.

Hijmans, R., S.E. Cameron, J. Parra, P. Jones and A. Jarvis. 2005. Very high resolution interpolated climate surfaces for global land areas. International Journal of Climatology. 25: 1965-1978. DOI: 10.1002/joc.1276

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Sarkar, S., A. Moffett, R. Sierra, T. Fuller, S. Cameron, and J. Garson. 2004. Incorporating multiple criteria into the design of conservation area networks. Endangered Species Update 21: 100-107.


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