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Past Lab Meetings



February 4 Scott Edwards Two reviews on bird phylogeny and speciation,and other evolutionary activities
February 11 Bryan Jennings An empirical evaluation of the genealogical species concept
February 18 Sarah Kingan Dissertation ideas: sex chromosomes, sexual selection, speciation!
February 25 Chris Organ Graduate work and upcoming project
March 4 Dan Janes Evolution of sex chromosomes (Z + W)
March 11 Chris Balakrishnan Parasitic Finches and non-parasitic finches
March 18 Kara O'Keefe Molecular strategies in viruses
March 25 Nancy Rotzel Treecreeper phylogeography
April 8 No meeting  
April 15 Andy Shedlock Comparative Studies of reptile (including bird) genome evolution
April 22 No meeting  
April 29 Tobias Lenz Mhc class I genes in house finches
May 6 Miguel Alcaide Mhc in lesser kestrels


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