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Past Lab Meetings


2011 Edwards Lab Meetings

Mondays, 9:40 am, MCZ Ornithology Department Library





January 31


State of the Lab Address 2011

Feb. 7


Ultrafast evolution in Mycoplasma

February 14

Ricardo Mallarino

Evo-devo in Darwin's finches and their relatives

February 21

Ricardo Godinez

Evolution of the amniote MHC

February 28


Facts of life: the birds and the trees

Mar. 7


Practice talk for quals

March 14


Evolution of intron size in birds, reptiles and mammals

March 21



March 28


MHC and mate choice in birds

Apr. 4


How many Z's? Comparing sex chromosome content across turtles

April 11


Hummingbird taste

April 18


Describing new genomes

April 25


Introgression in Zimmerius flycatchers

May 2


House finch genomics

May 9

Chris Organ




2010 Edwards Lab meetings

Fridays, 9:30, MCZ Bird Department Library


1 3




Feb. 5


"State of the Lab Address" 2010

Feb. 12

Niclas Backstrom

Gene mapping in passerine birds

Feb. 19

Miguel Alcaide

Toll-like receptors as immune markers in birds

Feb. 26 Susan Cameron Models of Last Glacial Maximum distribution in the North American avifauna

March 5

Dan Janes

DMRT1 serves dual roles in sex determination

March 12

Matt Fujita

Tinkering with the Anolis genome and next-gen sequencing

March 19


Spring break

March 26

June Lee Reproductive genes in Australian Fairy Wrens

April 2

Shane Campbell-Staton

Phylogenomics of Anolis carolinensis

April 9

Shaoyuan Wu

Multilocus phylogeny and evolution of dipodoid rodents

April 16

Frank Rheindt

Multilocus systematics of Elaenia flycatchers

April 23

Ingrid Soltero/Bei An

Generating molecular markers for multilocus phylogeography and phylogeny

April 30 Maude Baldwin Molecular evolution of taste receptors in birds
Monday*, May 3 Ricardo Godinez Evolution of the MHC in amniotes

May 7

Chris Organ/Andy Shedlock

The future of phylogenomics

*Additional meeting time






2009 Edwards Lab meetings

Mondays (usually), 3:30, MCZ Bird Department Library





Feb. 6


"State of the Lab Address" and Mycoplasma update

Feb. 13

Dan janes

Stuck between an emu and a turtle, but aren’t we all?

Feb. 24

Shaoyuan Wu

The Evolution of Bipedalism in Dipodoidea (Rodentia: Mammalian)

March 2

Rob/Kira and Amir

(Collection database and Odyssey)

March 9

Susan Cameron

Spatial models of genetic and morphological diversity


Ricardo Godinez

The origins of the minimal-essential MHC

March 23

(no meeting: spring break)

March 30

Andy Shedlock

Amniote Genomics Update

April 6

Gabor Bethlendy, Nimblegen

Nimblegen arrays: BAC arrays, comparative genome hybridization, and gene expression

April 13

Chris Organ

Recent studies in reptile genomics

April 21 (Tuesday)

Maude Baldwin

Taste receptors in birds

April 27 June Yong Lee A species tree for Australian fairy wrens (Maluridae)

May 4

Mato Lagator


May 11

Denis O'Meally (Australian National University)

Evolution of sex chromosomes in snakes

May 25 Camille Bonneaud Gene expression patterns indicate adaptation to a pathogen
June 1 Miguel Alcaide Population genetics of MHC genes and parasites





2008 Lab meetings

MCZ Bird Department Library

Fridays at 2:00 am

February 8 Scott Edwards The year ahead & multilocus analysis of treecreepers (Climacteris)
February 15 Dan Janes Expression of sex-differentiation genes across species with different sex-determining mechanisms
February 22 Chris Balakrishnan (visiting scholar) Phylogeography and multilocus population genetics of the Zebra Finch
February 29 Patricia Brito Multilocus systematics of Solomon Islands White-eyes (Zosterops)
March 7 Liang Liu Maximum tree - a consistent estimator of the species tree
March 14 Maude Baldwin Remembrances of research past: stonechats of the world, unite!
March 21 Anna Dubiec New Mhc loci in the house finch and their use in behavioral ecology
March 28 (no meeting-Spring break) --- ---
April 4 June Yong Lee

Multilocus phylogeography of the Red-backed Fairy Wren (and future plans)

April 11

Chris Organ "A mixed sampler"; a.k.a., I'm makin' this up as I go along
April 18 Andy Shedlock

Squamate repeat dynamics

April 25 Camille Bonneaud Designing a microarray to examine changes in gene expression in house finches infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum
May 2 (@ 3 pm) Ricardo Godinez Evolutionary history of the amniote Mhc region
May 12 (Monday, 2 pm) Terry O'Dwyer Molecular mechanisms of individual recognition in Procellariformes
May 16 Elaine Vo/Mato Lagator Genetics and toxicology of black-footed albatross; population genetics of House Finches

2007 Lab meetings

February 2 Scott Edwards Comparison of parameter estimates for BEST and MCMCcoal
February 9 Andy Shedlock Repeat diversity in reptiles and the ancestral amniote genome
February 16 Patricia Brito Phylogeography of the Tawny Owl, and other stories...
February 23 June Yong Lee Anonymous Loci vs. Introns in the Fairywren group
March 2 Anna Dubiec Age- and sex-related effects on immune function in the blue tit
March 9 Dan Janes Nucleotide diversity in the pseudoautosomal region in emu
March 16 Chris Balakrishnan Polymorphism, recombination and linkage disequilibrium in wild zebra finch populations.
March 23 TBA TBA
April 6 (no meeting March 30) Charles Chapus

Mapping of BAC-end sequences on the Chicken genome: American Alligator, Painted Turtle and Emu.

April 13

Liang Liu Estimating the Population Size Estimating population size from multilocus gene trees
April 20 Ricardo Godinez

The first genomic characterization of a Reptilian MHC gene family

Reconstructing the gene order of the MHC family in the amniote ancestor

April 27 James Degnan TBA
May 4 Undergrad Symposium TBA
May 11 Camille Bonneaud Designing a microarray to examine changes in gene expression in house finches infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum
May 18 Chris Organ The BMP gene neighborhood in Alligator


2006 Lab meetings

Bird Department Library

Monday at 3:00pm


February 10 James Degnan Coalescent Theory
February 20 Nancy Rotzel Treecreepers / Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
February 27 Chris Organ DINOGENOMICS
March 3 Chris Balakrishnan Zebra Finch Population Genomics
March 13 Ricardo Mallarino TBA
March 20 Kara O'Keefe Phylogeny of Phages
March 27 Andy Shedlock CR1 LINE evolution in Reptilia
April 3 Scott Edwards Gene Trees / Species Trees
April 10 Corrie Saux Moreau

CGR Cluster

April 17

Charles Chapus TBA
April 24 June Yong Lee TBA
May 1 Antonis Rokas Evolutionary Bioinformatics
May 8 Ricardo Godinez TBA
May 15 Dr. Dan Janes FISHing in Oz


2005 Lab Meetings



February 4 Scott Edwards Two reviews on bird phylogeny and speciation,and other evolutionary activities
February 11 Bryan Jennings An empirical evaluation of the genealogical species concept
February 18 Sarah Kingan Dissertation ideas: sex chromosomes, sexual selection, speciation!
February 25 Chris Organ Graduate work and upcoming project
March 4 Dan Janes Evolution of sex chromosomes (Z + W)
March 11 Chris Balakrishnan Parasitic Finches and non-parasitic finches
March 18 Kara O'Keefe Molecular strategies in viruses
March 25 Nancy Rotzel Treecreeper phylogeography
April 8 No meeting  
April 15 Andy Shedlock Comparative Studies of reptile (including bird) genome evolution
April 22 No meeting  
April 29 Tobias Lenz Mhc class I genes in house finches
May 6 Miguel Alcaide Mhc in lesser kestrels


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