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Scott's publications, 1981 - 1995

Undergraduate publications:

Second Sightings: A History of Ornitholgy in Riverdale, N. Y. 1981. [Catalogue for an exhibit of bird/wildlife paintings at Wave Hill Enfvironmental Center, Riverdale, N.Y.]. Private publication, 16 pp. [and "widely unread" in the words of R. T. Paine!]

Honeycutt, S. V. Edwards, K. Nelson, and E. Nevo. 1987. Mitochondrial DNA variation and the phylogeny of African mole-rats (Rodentia: Bathyergidae). Systematic Zoology 36: 280-292.

Papers from graduate work:

Kocher, T.D, W. K. Thomas, A. Meyer, S. V. Edwards, S. Pääbo, F. X. Villablanca and A. C. Wilson. 1989. Dynamics of mitochondrial DNA evolution in animals: amplification and sequencing with conserved primers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 86: 6196-6200.

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Edwards, S. V. & M. Kot. 1995. Comparative methods at the species level: geographic variation in morphology and group size in grey-crowned babblers (Pomatostomus temporalis). Evolution 49: 1134-1146.

Papers from Postdoctoral Work:

Edwards, S. V., M. Grahn and W. K. Potts. 1995. Dynamics of Mhc evolution in birds and crocodilians: amplification with degenerate primers. Molecular Ecology 4: 719-729.

Edwards, S.V., E. K. Wakeland and W. K. Potts. 1995. Contrasting histories of avian and mammalian MHC genes revealed by class II B genes of songbirds. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 92: 12200-12204.

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Edwards, S. V., K. Chesnut, K., Y. Satta, and E. K.Wakeland, 1997. Ancestral polymorphism of Mhc class II genes in mice: implications for balancing selection and the mammalian molecular clock. Genetics 148: 655-668.

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Publications from the Edwards Lab, 1996 - present



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