David Foster


David R. Foster

Director of the Harvard Forest
Senior Lecturer on Biology

Phone: 978-724-3302
Office: Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA

Website: http://harvardforest.fas.harvard.edu/david-r-foster

My research has included studies in the boreal forests of Labrador, Sweden and Norway, and the forests of Puerto Rico, the Yucatan, and patagonia in addition to my primary research on landscape dynamics in New England. My interests focus on understanding the changes in forest ecosystems that result from human and natural disturbance and applying these results to the conservation and management of natural and cultural landscapes.

Recent Publications

Lindbladh M, Oswald WW, DR Foster, et al, 2007. A late-glacial transition from Picea glauca to Picea mariana in southern New England. Quaternary Research 67 (3): 502-508

Oswald WW, EK Faison, DR Foster, et al, 2007. Post-glacial changes in spatial patterns of vegetation across southern New England. Journal of Biogeography 34 (5): 900-913

D'Amato AW, DA Orwig, DR Foster, 2006. New estimates of Massachusetts old-growth forests: Useful data for regional conservation and forest reserve planning. Northeastern Naturalist 13 (4): 495-506

Foster DR, WW Oswald, EK Faison, et al, 2006. A climatic driver for abrupt mid-Holocene vegetation dynamics and the hemlock decline in New England. Ecology 87 (12): 2959-2966

Faison EK, DR Foster, WW Oswald, et al, 2006. Early Holocene openlands in southern New England. Ecology 87 (10): 2537-2547

Courses Taught

OEB 122. Field Research in Ecology and Conservation
OEB 160. Forest Ecology
OEB 193. Advanced Research in Ecology and Conservation
OEB 299r. Forest Practice and Research