William (Ned) Friedman

Arnold Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Director of the Arnold Arboretum

Harvard University


Lab in the News

Floral shocker: Blooms shake roots of flowering plant family

Science News, 2008

Ancient shrub unlocks a clue to Darwin's 'abominable mystery'

Christian Science Monitor, 2006

Living fossil may solve Darwin's abominable mystery

Telegraph (UK), 2006

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New Scientist, 2008

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CBS News Denver, 2006

Botanist's quiet milestone trumped by roar of CU scandal

Denver Post, 2006

Lilies link plants to the past

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2002

Water lily may provide a "missing link" in the evolution of flowering plants

National Science Foundation, Office of Legislative and Public Affairs, 2002

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Science, 2009

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Science, 2009

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Science, 2009

Darwin's abominable mystery

The Linnean, 2009

Where did all the flowers come from?

New York Times, 2009

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