William (Ned) Friedman

Arnold Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Director of the Arnold Arboretum

Harvard University


News from the Lab

Sam Holloway receives a 2009 Knowles Science Teaching Foundation five-year fellowship. Aside from receiving considerable financial support, KSTF Teaching Fellows are part of a network of outstanding beginning teachers grappling with the challenging issues of teacher preparation and induction.

KSTF Teaching Fellowships

MORPH hosts minicourse/workshop on the concept of homology in January of 2009.

Information and participants

Joe Williams (postdoctoral research associate 2000 - 2003) makes the Top 100 Stories of 2008 in Discover Magazine for his paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, "Novelties of the flowering plant pollen tube underlie diversification of a key life history stage."

Article in Discover

Jennifer Winther (Ph.D. 2007) gets rave write-up of her publication on the fungal partners of mycoheterotrophic plants: "An extremely important landmark, laying to rest over a century of speculations and uncertainty..."

Commentary section in New Phytologist

Eric Madrid (Ph.D. 2008) wins the Maynard Moseley Award for the best student paper presented in the Paleobotanical or Developmental and Structural sessions at the Botanical Society of America meeting in 2008.

Moseley Awards

Eric Madrid (Ph.D. 2008) receives the Annals of Botany Graduate Prize for the best paper authored by a student in volume 103 (first half of 2009).

Write-up of Eric's work in Annals of Botany

Diggle and Friedman lab dinner (April, 2010).  Left, 1980s Berkeley Botany graduate student four (Stephanie Mayer, Tom Lemieux, Pam Diggle and Ned Friedman).  Middle, transportation to dinner.  Right, the Diggle and Friedman lab gang and partners.

Ned Friedman was an invited speaker for Darwin Day hosted by the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department of the University of Toronto. February 12, 2015.

Jennifer Winther (Ph.D. 2007) appointed Assistant Professor of Biology at Grand Valley State University.  Congratulations!!!

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Julien Bachelier (postdoctoral research associate 2010 - present) receives a "Young Scientist Presentation Award" at the XXIst International Congress on Sexual Plant Reproduction in Bristol England