Victoria (Vicky) Bertics


Vicky Bertics was loved as a friend, mentor, partner, niece and daughter. She embodied so many of the best elements of humanity, and her humor, warmth, passion, and intellect have left indelible imprints on us all. Her presence was typically larger than life. She carried with her a warmth, manifest as a glowing smile or a gentle embrace, that put people at ease. She was by no means a timid person, and had strong opinions on many subjects (including the Green Bay Packers), yet she carried herself with grace and was an example of how strength and tenacity need not be at odds with love and tenderness.

While her life was shorter than we may deem fair or right, it was grand in scope and touched many lives here and abroad. She has been to the bottom of the sea and has climbed the mountaintop, and has sailed with joy upon the ocean she so dearly loved. It is this immensity of her life that brings some peace to our hearts, knowing that she pursued and achieved her dreams.

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