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Amphipod CoverAnnouncing the latest issue of the Amphipod Newsletter (AN 37). 6/9/2013 Download PDF
AssamiidaeThe description of three new tropical families of arachnids and a phylogeny of the suborder Laniatores by graduate student Prashant Sharma of the Giribet Lab is featured on the cover of Invertebrate Systematics.
Second International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology Hosted by MCZ, OEB, and HMNH from June 20-23, 2011. This conference connects researchers interested in the morphology and evolution of invertebrate animals. Visit conference website.
Nature coverGonzalo Giribet's phylogenomic sampling research is improving the resolution of the animal tree of life and is featured in the journal Nature's Abstract4/10/2008

Among The Animals We Study

Collaborative Research: Assembling the Bivalve Tree of Life


Assembling a stable Animal Tree of Life has become an achievable goal since the recent addition of phylogenomics to the kit of systematists. With this aim in mind we have explored phylogenomic data, mostly based on novel EST (Expressed Sequence Tag) data but also based on available genomic information, of most animal phyla. At the same time we have also developed new strategies for coding morphological information from extant and extinct metazoans and combined them with the phylogenomic data.visitNSF logo