BivAToL Collaborative Research:

Phylogeny on the half-shell-- Assembling the Bivalve Tree of Life

Under the NSF-funded Assembling the Tree of Life initiative, a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional effort is attempting to solve the phylogenetic intricacies of the Bivalve Tree of Life (clams, mussels, oysters, and their relatives). The project coordinates researchers in many countries (USA, Australia, Germany, UK) and has a broad outreach component including the training of graduate and undergraduate students, developing internet resources for K-16 teachers, and engage the general public in issues of molluscan diversity and evolution through a traveling exhibition (with online component) featuring relevant issues such as fisheries and aquaculture, mollusks and human disease, economic and ecological impact of bivalve invasions and extinctions, and ecological aspects of bivalves as biofiltrators.

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