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Laniatores Research

Systematics, Biogeography, and Evolution of Opiliones

Opiliones constitute the third largest arachnid order and their study has flourished in recent times, leading to a recent book on Opiliones biology co-edited by Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha, Glauco Machado & Gonzalo Giribet. Research in the laboratory focuses on several aspects of the phylogeny and biogeography of Opiliones, emphasizing on Cyphophthalmi (see Cyphophthalmi Research) and different groups of Laniatores.

Graduate student Sebastián Vélez is conducting research on the New Zealand triaenonychids, especially on the widespread and diverse genus Nuncia.

Nuncia sp. Rumitaka

Graduate student Prashant Sharma is concentrating on the diversity and patterns of dispersal of the family Zalmoxidae, and its phylogenetic position on the Laniatores tree. He is also interested in the SE Asian endemic family Sandokanidae (formerly Oncopodidae).

Gnomulus latoperculum