Daniel L. Hartl

Higgins Professor of Biology
Professor in the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Phone: 617-496-3917
Office: 2119 Bio Labs
16 Divinity Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

Lab Website: http://www.oeb.harvard.edu/faculty/hartl/lab

My laboratory focuses on the interface between evolutionary biology and genomics. The main goal is to understand the processes by which organisms evolve, integrated systems change through time, and new species come into being. The research often takes advantage of model organisms (especially fruit flies, nematodes, yeast, and bacteria) or organisms of interest in public health (such as the malaria parasite). We make use of state of the art molecular, statistical, and computational methods.

Recent Publications

Weinreich, D. M., N. F. Delaney, M. A. DePristo and D. L. Hartl, 2006 Darwinian evolution can follow only very few mutational paths to fitter proteins. Science 312: 111-114.

Volkman, S. K., P. C. Sabeti, D. DeCaprio, D. E. Neafsey, S. F. Schaffner, D. A. Milner, Jr., J. P. Daily, O. Sarr, D. Ndiaye, O. Ndir, S. Mboup, M. T. Duraisingh, A. Lukens, A. Derr, N. Stange-Thomann, S. Waggoner, R. Onofrio, E. Mauceli, S. Gnerre, D. B. Jaffe, J. Zainoun, R. C. Wiegand, B. W. Birren, D. L. Hartl, J. E. Galagan, E. S. Lander and D. F. Wirth, 2007 A genome-wide map of diversity in Plasmodium falciparum. Nature Genet. 39: 113-119.

Chookajorn, T., R. Dzikowski, M. Frank, F. Li, A. Z. Jiwani, D. L. Hartl and K. W. Deitsch. 2007. Epigenetic memory at malaria virulence genes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104: 899-902.

Landry, C. R., C. Castillo-Davis, A. Ogura, J. S. Liu and D. L. Hartl. 2007. Systems-level analysis and evolution of the phototransduction network in Drosophila. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104: 3283-3288.

Sawyer, S. A., J. Parsch, Z. Zhang and D. L. Hartl, 2007 Prevalence of positive selection among nearly neutral amino acid replacements in Drosophila. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104: 6504-6510.

Landry, C. R., B. Lemos, S. A. Rifkin, W .J. Dickinson and D. L. Hartl, 2007 Genetic properties influencing the evolvability of gene expression. Science 317: 118-121.

Courses Taught

Life Sciences 1b: Genetics, Genomics, and Evolution

OEB152: Population Genetics

OEB324: Seminar in Molecular Evolution


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