Jun Zhou

Pan-Pan Jiang







I did my undergraduate at Queen's University, Canada, working with Dr. Adam Chippindale on sexual conflict in fruit flies. In 2007, I moved to Harvard to begin my PhD in the Hartl Lab, and acclimatize to the warm (everything is relative) Bostonian weather.

Research Interests


Sexual conflict

Drug resistance in malaria parasite Plasmodium 

Recent Publications


Jiang, P., Bedhomme, S., Prasad, N.G., and Chippindale, A.K. 2011. Sperm competition and mate harm unresponsive to male-limited selection in Drosophila: An evolving genetic architecture under domestication. Evolution (in press).


Jiang, P., Hartl, DL, and Lemos, B. 2010. Y not a dead end: epistatic interactions between Y-linked regulatory polymorphisms and genetic background affect global gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 186: 1-10. PDF


Bedhomme, S., Prasad, NG., Jiang, P., and Chippindale, A. 2008. Reproductive behaviour evolves rapidly when intralocus sexual conflict is removed. PLoS ONE 3: e2187. PDF


I like to use my oven, my trekking backpack, and my piano, and enjoy hobbies that require them. If you know of a hobby that requires all three things, please email me immediately.