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Timothy Sackton

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I grew up in Lexington, MA, a suburb of Boston. I then moved to Providence, RI, where I got my B.S. at Brown University in 2001 working with David Rand on understanding the functional consequences of nuclear-mitochondrial interactions in Drosophila. I remained at Brown for a year, working in David's lab studying adaptive enzyme polymorphisms in intertidal barnacles, before moving to Ithaca, NY to pursue my Ph.D. at Cornell University in Andy Clark's lab. My dissertation research focused on the evolutionary genetics of the innate immune system in Drosophila. At Cornell, I also worked on comparative genomics of Drosophila, focusing on the analysis of the first 12 sequenced genomes and what that genomic resource could teach us about molecular evolution. After received my Ph.D. in 2008, I moved back to Boston to join the Hartl Laboratory as a postdoc.

Research Interests

I am interested broadly how is phenotypic and genetic variation is maintained in natural populations and the genetic basis of adaptive evolution between populations and species. As a graduate student, I studied the genetic basis of variation for immune function in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster. I also studied how the immune system evolves both at the sequence level and the level of gene content over the Drosophila phylogeny, and showed that different functional components of the immune system have very different evolutionary patterns. More recently, I am interested in the consequences for organismal phenotypes and global gene expression of polymorphism and divergence on the Y chromosome.


Recent Publications


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