Noel Michele Holbrook

Charles Bullard Professor of Forestry

Phone: 617-496-0603
Office: 3119 Biolabs , 16 Divinity Ave

Lab Website:

Professor Michele Holbrook studies the physics and physiology of vascular transport in plants with the goal of understanding how constraints on the movement of water and solutes between soil and leaves influences ecological and evolutionary processes. Dr. Holbrook is currently working on questions relating to embolism repair, leaf hydraulic design, and xylem evolution.

Recent Publications

Choat, B. L. Sack and N.M. Holbrook. 2007. Diversity of hydraulic traits in nine Cordia species growing in tropical rainforests with contrasting precipitation. New Phytologist

Zwieniecki, M.A., T.J. Brodribb and N.M. Holbrook. 2007. Leaf hydraulic design: insights from rehydration kinetics. Plant, Cell and Environment

Gloser, V., M.A. Zwieniecki, C. Orians and N.M. Holbrook. 2007. Dynamic changes in root hydraulic properties in response to nitrate availability. Journal of Experimental Botany

Brodribb, T.J. and N.M. Holbrook. 2007. Forced depression of leaf hydraulic conductance in situ: effects on the leaf gas exchange of forest trees. Functional Ecology 21, 705-712.

Stuart, S.A., B. Choat, K.C. Martin, N.M. Holbrook, M.C. Ball. 2007. The role of freezing in setting the latitudinal limits of mangrove forests. New Phytologist 173, 576-583.

Courses Taught

OEB 10 Foundations of Biological Diversity

Science B64 Feeding the World, Feeding Yourself

OEB 52 Biology of Plants

OEB 120 Physiology of Plants

OEB 122 Field Research in Ecology and Conservation

OEB 212r Advanced Topics in Plant Physiology


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