Group Photos
Kramer Lab Summer 2002
Dan, Alejandra, Veronica, Elena
Kramer Lab June 2010
Standing: Josh, Emily, Levi, Jen, Cheng-Chiang and George
Seated: Bharti, Elena, Anji, Faye
On the grass: Oscar & Gracie
Congratulations 2010 PhDs!!
Anji Ballerini, George C. K Chang, Dan Fulop
Past Lab Pictures
Kramer Lab August 2005
Top Row: Cheng-Chiang, Lynn, Dan, Billie
Bottom Row: Joceyn, Elena, Anji
Kramer Lab March 2005
Top Row: Dan, Dimitriy, Cheng-Chiang, Billie
Bottom Row: Elena, Joceyn, Anji, Billie
Everyone loves George! Even Gracie
Contrary to impressions, Anji was decidedly NOT a butt-kisser
Congratulations 2012 PhD!
Josh Puzey
Wow, those are some flattering outfits.
And congratulations to our two graduating senior thesis students, Colin Teo and Kimberly O’Donnell!
Hoopes prize winner!!