Arthur Lage

Arthur L. Lage, DVM, DACVIM

Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Associate Professor of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology

Phone: 617-432-1289
Office: Harvard Medical School, HSPH2, 665 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

Lab Website: (Authentication required)

Dr. Arthur L. Lage is a veteran of twenty-four years' involvement in the research efforts at the Harvard Medical Area, and in teaching and clinical work in veterinary internal and urologic medicine and surgery. His own areas of research have focused on urology and infectious disease, and he has frequently collaborated with Harvard colleagues in laboratory investigations. Dr. Lage is currently the Director of both the Center for Animal Resources and Comparative Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the Office of Animal Resources at Harvard University/Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and is an Associate Professor of Surgery in the Department of Surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Research Interests

Biology of the urinary system, with special emphasis on comparative aspects of lower tract morphology and function. Recently, his laboratory has been mapping and manipulating the female homologue of the prostate in many disparate species. The goal, besides basic understanding of organismic homologies, is to better understand communication between parenchyma and stroma.

Courses Taught

OEB 251: Introduction to Vertebrate Surgery


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