George Lauder

George V. Lauder

Professor of Biology
Curator of Ichthyology in the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Henry Bryant Bigelow Professor of Icthyology

Phone: 617-496-9205
Office: 110 MCZ Labs, 26 Oxford St

Lab Website:

Structure, function, and evolution of vertebrates, particularly fishes and amphibians. Current studies include (1) investigation of the biomechanics of aquatic locomotion in sharks and ray-finned fishes using quantitative flow visualization, and (2) analyses of musculoskeletal function during feeding and locomotion. Additional interests include biological fluid mechanics, theoretical approaches to the analysis form and function in organisms, and the history and philosophy of morphology and physiology.

Recent Publications

Alben S, PG Madden, GV Lauder, 2007. The mechanics of active fin-shape control in ray-finned fishes. Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 4 (13): 243-256

Akhtar I, R Mittal, GV Lauder, et al., 2007. Hydrodynamics of a biologically inspired tandem flapping foil configuration. Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics 21 (3): 155-170

Peng JF, JO Dabiri, PG Madden, et al., 2007. Non-invasive measurement of instantaneous forces during aquatic locomotion: a case study of the bluegill sunfish pectoral fin. Journal of Experimental Biology 210 (4): 685-698

Standen EM, GV Lauder, 2007. Hydrodynamic function of dorsal and anal fins in brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis). Journal of Experimental Biology 210 (2): 325-339

Gorb S, L Trueb, V Storch, et al., 2007. 1807-2007: A great anniversary celebration. Journal of Morphology 268 (2): 103-111

Courses Taught

OEB 121a. Advanced Structure and Physiology of the Vertebrates
OEB 121b. Advanced Structure and Physiology of the Vertebrates
OEB 130. Patterns and Processes in Fish Diversity
OEB 320. Biomechanics and Evolution of Vertebrates

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