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I find teaching and mentoring undergraduates to be among my most rewarding experiences. I have been fortunate to teach a number of discussion, laboratory, and field courses throughout my time as an undergraduate and graduate student and have received a department wide outstanding teaching award from UC Riverside. In addition, I have been able to mentor several outstanding students as both a graduate student and postdoctoral researcher. Below is a list of courses in which I have served as a teaching fellow or as guest instructor. * Denotes multiple times taught.uma_kelso




UC Riverside (lower division)

BIOL002 Cellular Basis of Life (Lab)
BIOL003 Organisms in Their Environment (Lab)*
BIOL5LA Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology (Lab)
BIOL05B Introduction to Organismal Biology (Lab)*
BIOL05C Introduction to Ecology and Evolution (Lab)*
BIOL030 Human Sexuality and Behavior
BIOL034 Human Heredity and Evolution

UC Riverside (upper division)

BIOL102 Introductory Genetics
BIOL105 Evolution (head teaching assistant)*
BIOL151 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL161A Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates (phylogeny, muscle and nervous system)
BIOL161B Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates (circulation, sense organs and integument)
BIOL163 Evolutionary Ecology of Terrestrial Vertebrates
BIOL174 Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology *

University of Miami 

BIL151 General Biology Laboratory (including honors sections)*
BILXX Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (not currently offered)

Cornell  University 

BIOEE274 The Vertebrates: Structure, Function, and Evolution. 

Undergraduate Assistants and Students Mentored

Harvard University

Tanner Strickland--independent study on environmental variation in Anolis)
Ian Shields--pursuing honors project on environmental variation in Anolis)
Alexander Jaffe--independent study on variation in Anolis lineatus)
Hanna Wegener (Masters student from Germany)--Intraclade variation in Anolis

UC Riverside

Ali Hamad
Robert Mobley (currently applying to graduate school)                 


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