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Labs Studying Ecology, Evolution, Behavior, and Herpetology


The Brodie Lab at the University of Virginia: Evolutionary causes and implications of behavioral and inherited traits in reptiles and amphibians.

The Martins Lab at Indiana University: The comparative method and animal behavior.
  The Caldwell Lab at the University of Oklahoma: Herpetology, ecology, and behavior of amphibians.

  The McPeek Lab at Dartmouth College: Community ecology and evolution of damselflies.
  The Cannatella Lab at the University of Texas, Austin: "Two thumbs up", "Cool herps...", "Trippy, Provocative."

  The Patton Lab at UC Berkeley: Mammalian biosystematics, with emphasis on phylogenesis and speciation.
  The Garland Lab at the University of California, Riverside: Evolution, Physiological Ecology, Evolutionary Physiology, Comparative Physiology, Quantitative Genetics, Biostatistics, Herpetology, Conservation Biology.

  The Powell Lab at Avila College: West Indian Herpetology.
  The Greenberg Lab at the University of Tennessee Knoxville: Physiological ethology.

  The Pianka Lab at UT Austin: Population and community ecology.
  The Greene Lab at Cornell University: behavior, ecology, evolution, and conservation biology of vertebrates.

  The Ryan Lab at UT Austin: Animal communication and evolution of behavior.
  The Hedges Lab at Pennsylvannia State University: Molecular phylogenetics, systematics, biodiversity, and astrobiology.

  The Schluter Lab at the University of British Columbia: Speciation, adaptive radiation, natural selection and sexual selection in the wild.
  The Irschick Lab at University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Evolution, functional morphology and behavioral ecology - Losos Lab alum!

  The Sinervo Lab at the University of California at Santa Cruz: "Lizard Land" Lizard behavior and ecology and some cool movies.
  The Janzen Lab at Iowa State: Evolutionary herpetology.

  The Vitt Lab at the University of Oklahoma: Herpetology, ecology and life histories of reptiles.
  The Jayne Lab at the University of Cincinnati: Functional morphology and behavior or vertebrates; herpetology . Check out this page to see some cool videos of lizard locomotion.   The Wainwright Lab at the University of California at Davis: Evolution of organismal design.
  The Jenssen Lab at Virginia Tech: Behavioral ecology of Anolis lizards.   The Wake Lab at UC Berkeley: Evolutionary biology; Functional, evolutionary, evolutionary genetics, development, geographical ecology and systematics of salamanders; conservation biology and biodiversity policy issues.
  The Keogh Lab at the Australian National University: study and evaluation of evolutionary processes using reptiles and frogs as model systems.   The Zamudio Lab at Cornell University: population biology, systematics and character evolution.


Computer Software

Joe Felsenstein's List of Phylogeny Programs: the best resource for phylogeny software on the web. MEGA: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis, by Kumar, Tamura, and Nei.
    Quantitative Genetic software and other resources.

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