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Hall of Fame
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Postdoctoral Fellows

Adam Algar
Presently Lecturer in Biogeography, School of Geography, University of Nottingham

Adam Algar


Todd Jackman
Presently associate professor at Villanova University.

Todd Jackman

David Collar
Presently a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Long Marine Laboratory
University of California, Santa Cruz

Dave Julia Klaczko

Renée Duckworth
Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona
Adam Algar  

Jason Knouft
Presently assistant professor at St. Louis University.

Thom Sanger
Pierre-Henri Fabre   Jason Kolbe
Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Rhode Island
Gabe Gartner
Lecturer at Ithaca College
Gabe   Jane Melville
Presently curator of herpetology at Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia.
Jane Melville
Anthony Herrel
Presently a permanent researcher employed by the French CNRS and working at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris.
Dave Collar  

Kirsten Nicholson
Presently curator of natural history and assistant professor at Central Michigan State University.

Kirsten Nicholson
Tonia Hsieh
Presently assistant professor at the University of Florida.
Carlos Infante  

Terry Ord
Presently lecturer in evolution at the University of New South Wales.

Terry Ord
Delbert Hutchison
Presently associate professor at Whitman College.
  Thomas Sanger
Presently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Gainsville.
Thomas Sanger
Carlos Infante
Presently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Georgia
Carlos Infante   Emma Sherratt
Presently a Lecturer at the qUniversity of New England, Australia.
Travis Ingram
Presently a Lecturer in the Department of Zoology at the University of Otago, New Zealand
Travis   Ian Wang
Presently Molecular Evolution Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics, Smithsonian Institution
      Katharina Wollenberg
Assistant Professor, Biology
Bethune-Cookman University

Graduate Students

Marguerite Butler
Ph.D., 1998, "Evolution of Sexual Dimorphism and Adaptive Radiation in Anolis Lizards." Conducted post-doctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley and at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics in Tokyo. She is presently assistant professor at the University of Hawaii.
Marguerite Butler   Brian Langerhans
Ph.D., April, 2008, "Predation and Evolutionary Diversification in Gambusia Fishes." Brian is currently an assistant professor at North Carolina State University in the Department of Biology and W.M. Keck Center for Behavioral Biology
Doug Creer
Ph.D., August 2001, "Antipredator adaptations in colubrine snakes." Doug is presently assistant professor at Concord University in Athens, West Virginia.
Alexis   Manuel Leal
Ph.D., 1999, "Intra- and Interspecific Variation in the Behavioral Responses Given to an Approaching Predator by Anolis Lizards." Conducted an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Union College. Manuel is presently assistant professor at Duke University
Manuel Leal
Rich Glor
(co-advised with Allan Larson). Ph.D. September, 2004, "Population structure and the evolution of Anolis lizard diversity." Rich was a CPB post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, Davis. He is now an assistant professor at the University of Rochester.
Luke   Luke Mahler
Ph.D. September, 2011, "Rates and patterns of phenotypic evolution in the adaptive radiation of Anolis lizards." Luke is currently a CPB postdoc at the University of California, Davis.
Luke Harmon
Ph.D. August, 2005, "Competition and community structure in day geckos (Phelsuma) in the Indian Ocean." Luke was a post-doctoral fellow at the Biodiversity Research Centre, University of British Columbia. He is now an assistant professor at the University of Idaho.
Luke Harmon   Martha Muñoz
Ph.D. September 2014, "A multidimensional perspective on the role of behavior in evolution." She is currently a Postdoctoral researcher at The Australian National University
Alexis Harrison
Ph.D. September 2014. "Sexual selection, natural selection and the evolution of social structure in Anolis lizards."
Alexis   John Parks
Ph.D., 2000, "Territoriality and spatial structure of the Eastern Collared Lizard, Crotaphytus collaris collaris : spatial, temporal, and individual variation." John is presently a lecturer at Washington University.
Duncan Irschick
Ph.D., 1996, "Adaptation, Performance Ability and Evolutionary Diversification in Anolis Lizards." Conducted a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Cincinnati in the laboratory of Bruce Jayne. Duncan is currently an associate professor at University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Duncan Irschick   Dave Pepin
Ph.D. August, 2001, "Evolution and life-history of varanid lizards."
Michele Johnson
Ph.D. August, 2007, "Behavioral Ecology of Caribbean Anolis Lizards: A Comparative Approach." Michele is currently an Assistant Professor in Biology at Trinity University.
  Liam Revell
Ph.D., June, 2009, "Quantitative Genetics and Evolutionary Inference in a Phylogenetic Context." Liam was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and is now assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston
Liam Revell
Jason Kolbe
(co-advised with Allan Larson): Ph.D., 2005, "Anoles out of place: an evolutionary analysis of introduced Anolis lizards." Jason is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Rhode Island.
Jason   Jim Schulte
(co-advised with Allan Larson) : Ph.D. December, 2001, "Systematics, biogeography and evolution of Liolaemus." Following a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Museum of Natural History, Jim accepted a faculty position at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York.
      Yoel Stuart
Ph.D., 2013, "Character displacement and community assembly in Anolis lizards." Presently a postdoc in the Bolnick lab at the University of Texas at Austin

Undergraduate Students

Eva Catenaccio
Currently studying at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Hannah Kim Frank
Currently pursuing a PhD at Stanford University with Elizabeth Hadly
Rick Stanley
Currently a Booth Fellow, volunteering with the Malaysian Nature Society
Rick Stanley  



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