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Principal Investigator

Jonathan Losos
Curator in Herpetology
Monique and Philip Lehner Professor for the Study of Latin America

Jonathan losos

Postdoctoral Fellows

Rosario CastaƱeda
Encyclopedia of Life fellow. Ecomorphology of mainland Anolis


Adam Freedman
Population and comparative genomics; Speciation; Genetic basis of inter-specific variation in Anolis dewlap coloration


R. Graham Reynolds
Population and conservation genetics; Caribbean Herpetology; phylogeography and phylogenetics of Caribbean reptiles. Evolutionary genetics of West Indian Anolis lizards and Chilabothrus boas.



Graduate Students

Katie Boronow
Behavioral ecology, invasions, and adaptation
  Ambika Kamath
Behavioural interactions between individuals, variation in habitat use and niche widths, adaptation to biotic and abiotic conditions.
Shane Campbell-Staton
Interactions between genetics and ecology in determining evolutionary trajectories of populations. Response to novel adaptive pressures in invasive populations.
Shane   Talia Moore
The biomechanics of convergent evolution in saltatorial rodents

Pavitra Muralidhar
Sexual selection and mating system biology in Anolis populations


Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows
Oriol Lapiedra
Comparative phylogenetics, behavioral ecology and global change biology. I use comparative and experimental approaches to study adaptive diversification processes

Former Students

Losos Lab Hall of Fame
Former students and post-docs of the Losos Lab: 1992 - present.


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