Moorcroft Lab
Moorcroft Lab Fall 2012

Front row left to right: Naomi Levine, Eunjee Lee, Janice Chan, Alexandra Brown

Back row left to right: Erin Sullivan, Marcos Longo, Tom Powell, Paul Moorcroft, Ke Zhang, and Alex Antonarakis

Not Pictured: Jonna Katajisto, Dan Scott


Paul MoorcroftPaul Moorcroft

Principal Investigator
Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Ecological dynamics of terrestrial plant communities and ecosystems; biosphere-atmosphere interactions; mechanistic models of animal movement.



Alex AntonarakisAlexander Antonarakis

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research:Enhancing vegetation structure for terrestrial
biosphere modeling using Lidar and Radar techniques.

aantonarakis [at]

Naomi LevineEunjee Lee

Postdoctural Fellow

Research: Integrated assessment of land-use and hydrology for sustainable development of the Amazon under changing climate

eunjee_lee [at]


Naomi LevineNaomi Levine

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research: Impact of climate and land-cover change on water and biogeochemical cycling in Amazonia.

nlevine [at]


Naomi LevineKe Zhang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research: Terrestrial ecosystem and land surface modeling.

kezhang [at]


James ForesterJonna Katajisto

Research Associate

Research: Interactions of spatial memory, habitat and human development in animal movements.

jkatajisto [at]



Graduate Students


Marcos LongoJanice Chan

Graduate Student

Research: The maintenance and importance of organismal biodiversity to ecosystem health and services

jchan01 [at]


Marcos LongoMarcos Longo

Graduate Student

Research: Impact of deforestation on precipitation
and ecosystem dynamics in the Amazon.

mlongo [at]


Tom PowellThomas Powell

Graduate Student

Research: Effects of deforestation and climate
change on carbon and water cycling in Amazonia

tpowell [at]




Marcos LongoDan Scott

Temporary Researcher

Research: Modelling terrestrial ecosystem isotopic composition

dscott [at]


Marcos LongoErin Ciccone

Faculty Assistant

eciccone [at]




Abigail Swann, Assistant Professor, University of Washington Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Shirley Xiaobi Dong, Business Consultant, Applied Predictive Technologies in Washington, DC.

James Forester, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Yeonjoo Kim, Researcher, Korea Environment Institute

Jeff Chun-Fung Lo, Research Scientist,Temasek Laboratories at Nanyang Technological University

Adrienne Keller, PhD Student, University of Montana, World Learning Organization

Jaclyn Hatala, PhD Student, University of California, Berkeley

Mike Dietze, Assistant Professor, Boston University

David Medvigy, Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Takeshi Ise, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Simulation Studies at University of Hyogo, Japan and Research Scientist, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). Research topics include terrestrial ecosystem modeling (carbon cycling in vegetation and soil) and climate change simulation with large-scale geospatial data.

Daniel Lipsitt, Software Consultant, Type A Machines

Gil Bohrer, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Heather Lynch, Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolution Department, Stonybrook University