Linking Terrestrial Biosphere Models with Imaging Spectrometry Measurements of Ecosystem Composition, Structure, and Function (HyspIRI preparatory activity)

Alexander Antonarakis

In this study, we propose to examine how AVIRIS Classic and MASTER imaging spectrometry, and future instruments such as HyspIRI, AVIRISng and HyTES, can be used to provide accurate, and comprehensive measurements of current ecosystem state -- specifically plant functional composition, and canopy and soil temperatures -- that can be used to constrain terrestrial biosphere model predictions of the current and future carbon, water and energy fluxes of the land surface. This will be achieved by linking remotely-sensed imaging spectrometry-derived estimates of ecosystem composition and canopy temperatures for the diverse range of terrestrial ecosystems found in California, to the definition of above ground ecosystem in ED2, a state-of-the-art process-based terrestrial biosphere model. The remote-sensing derived information on the current state of the ecosystem will then be used to constrain and improve predictions for the current carbon, water and energy balance of terrestrial ecosystems across the range of ecosystem types.