Publications from the Ölveczky lab

Kawai R, Markman T, Poddar R, Ko R, Fantana AL, Dhawale A, Kampff AR and Ölveczky BP. Motor cortex is required for learning but not executing a motor skill. Neuron May 2015 (pdf).
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Garst-Orozco J, Babadi B and Ölveczky BP. A neural circuit mechanism for regulating vocal variability during song learning in zebra finches. eLife December 2014 (link).

Memmesheimer R-M*, Rubin R*, Ölveczky BP and Sompolinsky H. Learning Precisely Timed Spikes. Neuron May 2014. * Equal contribution (pdf).

Ölveczky BP. Ordered randomness in fly love songs. Nature. March 2014 (pdf).

Wu H, Miyamoto Y, Gonzales-Castro LN, Ölveczky BP* and Smith M*. Temporal structure of motor variablity is dynamically regulated and predicts motor learning ability. Nature Neuroscience. January 2014. (pdf). Write up in the Harvard Gazette here. News and Views from Nature Neuroscience (pdf).*Co-senior authors.

Poddar R, Kawai R and Ölveczky BP. A fully automated high-throughput training system for rodents. PLOS One.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0083171. December 2013 (pdf).

Ali F, Otchy TM, Pehlevan C, Fantana AL, Burak Y and Ölveczky BP. The basal ganglia is necessary for learning spectral, but not temporal features of birdsong. Neuron. 80(2):494-506. September 2013 (pdf). Write up in the Harvard Gazette here. Software package and users manual for implementing the CAF experiments described in the paper can be downloaded here.

Otchy TM and Ölveczky BP. Design and assembly of an ultra-light motorized microdrive for chronic neural recordings in small animals. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 69: e4314. November 2012 (pdf).

Roberts TF, Gobes SHM, Murugan M, Ölveczky BP* and Mooney R*. Motor circuits are required to encode a sensory model for imitative learning. Nature Neuroscience. 15(10):1454-9. October 2012 (pdf). *Co-senior authors.

Ölveczky BP. Motoring ahead with rodents. Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 4:571-8. Aug 2011 (pdf).

Ölveczky BP*, Otchy TM, Goldberg JH, Aronov D and Fee MS. Changes in the neural control of a complex motor sequence during learning. J. Neurophysiology. 106:386-397. May 2011 (pdf). * Corresponding author.

Ölveczky BP and Gardner TJ. A Bird's eye view of neural circuit formation. Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 21:124-31. Feb 2011 (pdf).

Professor Ölveczky's prior publications (selected)

Baccus SA, Ölveczky BP, Manu M and Meister M. A Retinal Circuit That Computes Object Motion. J. Neuroscience. 28:6807-6817. July 2008 pdf).

Ölveczky BP, Baccus SA and Meister M. Retinal Adaptation to Object Motion. Neuron. 56:698-700. Nov 2007 (pdf).

Ölveczky BP, Andalman AS and Fee MS. Vocal Experimentation in the Juvenile Songbird Requires a Basal Ganglia PLoS Biol. 3(5): e153, May 2005 (pdf).

Smallwood PM*, Ölveczky BP*, Williams GM, Jacobs HJ, Reese BE, Meister M and Nathans J. Genetically engineered mice with a novel class of cone photoreceptors: implications for the evolution of color vision. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 100(20): 11706-11711, Sept 2003. * Equal contribution (pdf).

Ölveczky BP, Baccus SA and Meister M. Segregation of object and background motion in the retina. Nature 423 (6938): 401-8, 22 May 2003 (pdf) (News and Views feat. Michael Jordan).