Naomi Pierce

Naomi E. Pierce

Sidney A. and John H. Hessel Professor of Biology
Curator of Lepidoptera in the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Senior Fellow of the Society of Fellows

Phone: 617-495-2576
Office: 426 MCZ Labs, 26 Oxford St

Lab Website:

Behavioral ecology and evolution, focusing on species interactions such as insect/host plant associations and symbioses between insects and other organisms; life history evolution and systematics of Lepidoptera

Recent Publications

Russell, JA, B Goldman-Huertas, CS Moreau, L Baldo, JK Stahlut, JH Werren and NE Pierce (2009). Host specificity and geographic isolation among Wolbachia symbionts from ants and lycaenid butterflies. Evolution 63: 624-640

Hughes, DP, NE Pierce and JJ Boomsma (2008). Social insect symbionts: evolution in homeostatic fortresses. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 23: 672-677

Whiteman, NK and NE Pierce (2008). Delicious poison: genetics of Drosophila host plant preference. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 23: 473-478

Ramírez, SR, B Gravendeel, RB Singer, CR Marshall and NE Pierce (2007). Dating the origin of the Orchidaceae from a fossil orchid with its pollinator. Nature 448: 1042-1045

Kandul, NP, VA Lukhtanov and NE Pierce (2007). Karyotypic diversity and speciation in Agrodiaetus butterflies. Evolution 61: 546-558

Quental, TB, MM Patten and NE Pierce (2007). Host plant specialization driven by sexual selection. American Naturalist 169: 830-836

Quek, S-P, SJ Davies, PS Ashton, T Itino and NE Pierce (2007). The geography of diversification in mutualistic ants: a gene's-eye view into the Neogene history of Sundaland rain forests. Molecular Ecology 16: 2045-2062

Moreau, CS, CD Bell, R Vila, SB Archibald and NE Pierce (2006).  Phylogeny of the ants: Diversification in the age of angiosperms, Science 312: 101-104

Eastwood, R, NE Pierce, RL Kitching and JM Hughes (2006).  Do ants enhance diversification in lycaenid butterflies? Phylogeographic evidence from a model myrmecophile, Jalmenus evagoras. Evolution 60: 315-327

Courses Taught

OEB 57. Animal Behavior
OEB 155r. Biology of Insects
OEB 174r. Topics in Behavioral Ecology
OEB 334. Behavioral Ecology