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Recent pics from our lives in the Pringle laboratory:

Chris Sthultz and Inger Skrede in the field with Linda van Diepen, at the Harvard Forest collecting leaf litter for research with decomposer fungi.

Anne Pringle and Jacky Hess in the molecular biology lab processing Amanita samples.

Leonora Bittleston at Harvard forest collecting insects for her work on interactions among insects and fungi.

Jacky Hess’s Ph.D. graduation ceremony from (the other) Cambridge, remotely hosted by us in Cambridge (MA). From left to right: Anne Pringle, Chris Sthultz, Elizabeth Barron, Gabriel Amselem. Jacky is seated and wearing the specially created Ph.D. hat, with colors representing Clare Hall.

Lab Group. From left to right: Elizabeth Barron, Chris Sthultz, Jacky Hess, and François Peaudecerf.

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