Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson

Associate Professor of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology

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Phone: 617-496-1277
Office: HUH 421, 22 Divinity Avenue

Research Interests
Forest ecology, the carbon cycle, phenology, and broader impacts of global change on terrestrial ecosystems.

Recent Publications

Keenan, T.F., D. Hollinger, G. Bohrer, D. Dragoni, J.W. Munger, H.P. Schmid, and A.D. Richardson. 2013. Increasing forest water use efficiency as atmospheric CO2 levels rise. Nature, 499: 324-327.

Richardson, A.D., M.S. Carbone, T. Keenan, C. Czimczik, D.Y. Hollinger, P. Murakami, P.G. Schaberg, and X. Xu. 2013. Seasonal dynamics and age of stemwood nonstructural carbohydrates in temperate forest trees. New Phytologist, 197: 850-861.

Richardson, A.D., T.F. Keenan, M. Migliavacca, O. Sonnentag, Y. Ryu, and M. Toomey. 2013. Climate change, phenology, and phenological control of vegetation feedbacks to the climate system. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 169: 156-173.

Keenan, T.F., E. Davidson, A. Moffat, W. Munger, and A.D. Richardson. 2012. Using model-data fusion to interpret past trends, and quantify uncertainties in future projections, of terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycling. Global Change Biology, 18: 2555-2569.

Sonnentag, O., K. Hufkens, C. Teshera-Sterne, A.M. Young, M. Friedl, B.H. Braswell, T. Milliman, J. O’Keefe, and A.D. Richardson. 2012. Digital repeat photography for phenological research in forest ecosystems. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 152: 159-177.

Richardson, A.D., R.S. Anderson, M.A. Arain, A.G. Barr, G. Bohrer, G. Chen, J.M. Chen, P. Ciais, K.J. Davis, A.R. Desai, M.C. Dietze, D. Dragoni, S.R. Garrity, C.M. Gough, R. Grant, D.Y. Hollinger, H.A. Margolis, H. McCaughey, M. Migliavacca, R.K. Monson, J.W. Munger, B. Poulter, B.M. Raczka, D.M. Ricciuto, A.K. Sahoo, K. Schaefer, H. Tian, R. Vargas, H. Verbeeck, J. Xiao, and Y. Xue. 2012. Terrestrial biosphere models need better representation of vegetation phenology: Results from the North American Carbon Program site synthesis. Global Change Biology, 18: 566-584.

Lee, X., M.L. Goulden, D.Y. Hollinger, A. Barr, T.A. Black, G. Bohrer, R. Bracho, B. Drake, A. Goldstein, L. Gu, G. Katul, T. Kolb, B.E. Law, H. Margolis, T. Meyers, R. Monson, W. Munger, R. Oren, K.T. Paw U, A.D. Richardson, H.P. Schmid, R. Staebler, S. Wofsy, and L. Zhao. 2011. Observed increase in local cooling effect of deforestation at higher latitudes. Nature, 479: 384-387.

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