John Wakeley

Professor of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Chair of the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Phone: 617-495-1564
Office:Bio Labs, Rm 4100
16 Divinity Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

Lab Website:

Fundamentally, my research is about extracting information from DNA sequence data. I use mathematical models to understand how a variety of current and historical factors conspire to produce the patterns of variation which are readily observable among individuals within species. I use both analytical and computational techniques to make inferences about these factors from patterns of genetic variation.

Recent Publications

Wakeley, J. and S. Lessard, 2006. Corridors for migration between large subdivided populations, and the structured coalescent. Theoretical Population Biology 70:412-420.

Watson, R. A., Weinreich, D. and J. Wakeley, 2006. Effects of intra-gene fitness interactions on the benefit of sexual recombination. Biochemical Society Transactions 3:560-561

Jesus, F. F., J. Wilkins, and J. Wakeley, 2006. Expected coalescence times and segregating sites in a model of glacial cycles. Genetics and Molecular Research 5:466-474.

Eldon, B. and J. Wakeley, 2006. Coalescent processes when the distribution of offspring number among individuals is highly skewed. Genetics 172:2621-2633.

Matsen, F. A. and J. Wakeley, 2006. Convergence to the island-model coalescent process in populations with restricted migration. Genetics 172:701-708.

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Courses Taught

Life Sciences 1b: Genetics, Genomics, and Evolution

OEB 152: Population Genetics

OEB 252: Coalescent Theory

OEB 253r: Seminar in Evolutionary Genetics