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landscapeOEB Prof. Andrew Richardson and Margaret Kosmala, postdoctoral fellow in the Richardson lab, have teamed up with colleagues at the National Ecological Observatory Network to create Season Spotter, a citizen-science project aimed to get internet users to help researchers analyze images of natural scenes and track climate change. Full story.
Michael DesaiCongratulations to OEB Professor, Michael Desai, for being awarded the 2015 Simons Investigators Award in Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems. Full story.
Mary StoddardRicardo Perez de la Fuente, Postdoctoral Fellow in OEB Prof. Brian Farrell's lab, is part of a new international study that found pollination in an extinct group of flies preserved in Spanish amber for more than a hundred million years. Full story.
Mary StoddardMary Caswell Stoddard, Harvard Society Junior Fellow working in OEB Prof. Scott Edwards' lab, looks to engineering, computers, physics and genetics to crack the mystery of the egg's remarkable structure. Full story.
Pardis SabetiProf. Pardis Sabeti's latest paper in Cell describes the analysis of the data of the Ebola virus genomes sequenced by the global team and made publicly available during the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa. Full story.
Pardis SabetiCongratulations to Prof. Pardis Sabeti for being selected one of twenty-six new HHMI Investigators. Full story.
Benjamin de BivortProf. Benjamin de Bivort's two latest studies in PNAS on genetically identical fruit flies raised under the same conditions creates a biological map of what makes individuals unique. Full story.
Harvard Horizons 2015OEB Ph.D. students, Lenora Bittleson, in Prof. Naomi Pierce's lab and Shane Campbell-Staton, in Prof. Jonathan Losos's lab, are two of the seven graduate students chosen to present their work at the Harvard Horizons Symposium. Full story.
Shane Campbell-StatonShane Campbell-Staton Ph.D. student in Jonathan Losos's lab, discusses natural selection during Harvard Horizons Symposium. Full story.
Andrew KnollCongratulations to OEB Professor, Andrew Knoll for being elected a Foreign Fellow of the Royal Society. Full story.

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The Broad Institute is a research collaboration of MIT and Harvard, created to bring the power of genomics to medicine. Colleen Cavanaugh, Dan Hartl, Maryellen Ruvolo, and Pardis Sabetiare associate members of the institute.

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