OEB Seminar Archive Fall 2005

September 29

Klaus Mummenhoff
Tutti frutti in pepperwort - molecules and morphology in Lepidium and allies (Brassicaceae).
Host Lab: Donohue and Kramer
Speaker's Universität Osnabrück

October 6

Jim Clark
Controls on forest biodiversity: understanding and prediction
Host Lab: Moorcroft Lab
Speaker's Duke University

October 13

Tom Daniel
Neuro-mechanical control of flight in insects
Host Lab: Biewener
Speaker's University of Washington

October 20

Dr. Ed Braun
Avian Phylogenomics: Results from the Early Bird Consortium
Host Lab: Edwards
Speaker's University of Florida

November 10

Chris Simon
Species radiations, biogeography, and molecular systematics of New Zealand cicadas and their relatives worldwide: from populations to higher taxa.
Host Lab: Giribet
Speaker's University of Connecticut

November 17

Kathleen Pryer
The evolution and diversification of "seed-free" vascular plants
Host Lab: Haig
Speaker's Dept of Biology, Duke University

December 1

Dr. Stephen Secor
Pay before pumping; the determinants and mechanisms of specific dynamic action
Host Lab: Biewener Lab
Speaker's Univ. of Alabama

December 8

Dr. Amy Dunham
Trophic cascades in a rainforest understory: implications for conservation.
Host: Hrdy Fellowship Committee
Host Lab: Farrell
Speaker's Hrdy Fellow, Dept. of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

December 15

Ananth Karumanchi
Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia
Host Lab: Haig
Speaker's Harvard Medical School