OEB Seminar Archive Fall 2007

September 18

Biological Anthropology

Doctoral Dissertation Defense
Maureen J. Devlin

Harvard University

Interactions of Estrogen, Strain and Bone Growth: Implications for Human Skeletal Robusticity

September 20

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Casey Dunn
Brown Universitiy
From the colony-level development of siphonophores to improved resolution of the animal tree of life: bringing new tools to old questions
Host: Gonzalo Giribet

September 27

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
David Roberts
Hrdy Fellow, Kew Gardens
Are we missing something? conservation & biodiversity prioritisation
Host: Charles Marshall

October 4

Biological Anthropology
Dr. Meike Kohler

Intitut de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont, Spain

Homo floresiensis, a product of insular evolution?

October 4

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Manolis Kellis
Assistant Professor, MIT EECS, CSAIL, Broad Institute
Phylogenomics in mammals, flies, and fungi
Host: Scott Edwards

October 11

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Eric Schneider
Into the Cool: Energy Flow, Thermodynamics, and Life
Host: McCarthy Lab

October 18

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Tom Sharkey
University of Wisconsin
Heat flecks and thermal protection mechanisms of photosynthesis
Host: Holbrook Lab

October 25

Biological Anthropology
Dr. Benedikt Hallgrimsson

Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine

University of Calgary

Mouse Models and the Evolutionary Developmental Biology of the Mammalian Skull

October 25

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Joe Thornton
University of Oregon
The origins of complexity: Mechanisms of functional evolution in the steroid human receptors
Host: Edwards Lab

November 1

Biological Anthropology
Dr. Susan Perry

Department of Anthropolgy, UCLA

Seminar Title:Social learning and traditions in wild capuchin monkeys

November 1

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Dr. Michael Cant
Department of Zoology, Cambridge University
Reproductive conflict, demography, and the evolution of menopause
Host: Pierce Lab

November 8

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Renee Duckworth
Harvard University
Adaptive dispersal strategies and the dynamics of a range expansion
Host: Losos Lab

November 15

Biological Anthropology
Dr. Tanya Smith

Department of Human Evolution, Max Planck institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

New approaches to understanding tooth development and life history in hominoid evolution

November 15

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Kevin Padian
University of California, Berkeley
Can Harvard biologists improve evolution education in America?
Host: Edwards Lab, For more infomation contact Chris Organ.

November 29

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Trevor Price
University of Chicago
The role of phenotypic plasticity and selection in the colonization of a novel environment
Host: Losos Lab

December 6

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Dr. Steve Orzack
The Fresh Pond Research Institute

December 13

OEB Weekly Seminar Series
Dr. John Lang
Vassar College
Evolutionary Biorobotics:  Navigating Simulated Selection Environments to Test Adaptation Hypotheses
Host: Lauder Lab

December 14

OEB Special Seminar
James Edwards, Executive Director, EOL, Smithsonian Institution; and Jesse Ausubel, Program Officer, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and Chair, EOL Steering Committee
Building the Encyclopedia of Life at Harvard