Molecules, Cells and Organisms Training Program

A New Interdisciplinary Life Science Training Program

If you are interested in exploring a broad spectrum of fundamental biological problems in disciplines as diverse as human evolution, single-molecule biophysics, or the intersection of chemical biology and theoretical chemistry, please explore the possibilities that the MCO Training Program has to offer.  In this interdepartmental undertaking, graduate students are prepared for a future in science that requires interdisciplinary breadth as well as depth in specific disciplines.  Graduate students in MCO take advantage of the wide range of faculty expertise and laboratory options from the Departments of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology , and Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology ; as well as the Center for Systems Biology , the Center for Brain Science , the Microbial Sciences Initiative , and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute .

OEB does not administer the MCO training grant. Students interested in this Ph.D. program can learn more by going to the MCO website or by contacting the Graduate Programs Office in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at (617) 384-7507, (617) 495-3293, or .  If you are interested in applying to the graduate program in MCO, please submit your application to the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology by going to