What we do:

We study how organisms interact with each other and their natural world, and how biological processes shape the functioning of the Biosphere.

Within OEB, we focus primarily on how ecosystems function and how ecological processes drive evolutionary change.

Current areas of research include:

  • Environmental physiology of vascular plants.
  • Invasion biology, with a focus on range expansions of symbiotic fungi
  • Investigation of how interspecific interactions drive resource partitioning and evolutionary diversification.
  • Predicting the large-scale composition, structure, and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems in relation to climate change.
  • Understanding the relationship between individual movement behavior and the spatial distribution of animal populations.



Faculty in other Departments:

Aaron Ellison, OEB Senior Research Fellow in Ecology, Harvard Forest
Richard Forman, Landscape Architecture Dept., Graduate School of Design
Cheryl Knott, Biological Anthropology
Noreen Tuross, Archaeology
Steve Wofsy, Earth and Planetary Sciences


Selected courses in Ecology:

OEB 55. Ecology: Populations, Communities, & Ecosystems
OEB 113. Paleobiological Perspectives on Ecology & Evolution
OEB 118. Biological Oceanography
OEB 120. Physiology of Plants
OEB 122. Field Research in Ecology & Conservation
OEB 123. Biology of Symbiosis
OEB 125. Molecular Ecology and Evolution
OEB 157. Global Change Biology
OEB 160. Forest Ecology
OEB 193. Advanced Research in Ecology & Conservation
OEB 212r. Advanced Topics in Plant Physiology
OEB 278. Ecological Genetics