Population and Evolutionary Genetics

What we do:

We study variation within and between populations at the molecular and phenotypic levels. We strive to understand the evolutionary forces molding genetic variation in natural populations and the mechanistic basis of phenotypic evolution. Our study systems vary from microbes to animals and plants, and to mathematical theory.

Current areas of research include:

  • The evolution of gene expression
  • Niche construction and adaptation
  • Phylogeny and coevolution
  • Demography and population biology of modular organisms
  • QTL mapping and the basis of phenotypic evolution
  • Molecular evolution and the evolution of multigene families



OEB Faculty with work in Population and Evolutionary Genetics:

Scott V. Edwards
Brian D. Farrell
Daniel L. Hartl
Hopi E. Hoekstra
Robin Hopkins
Elena M. Kramer
Martin Nowak (joint appointment: Mathematics)
Pardis Sabeti
John Wakeley

Faculty in other Departments:

Daniel Fisher (Physics)
Jun Liu (Statistics)
David Reich (Genetics, HMS)
Maryellen Ruvolo (Human Evolutionary Biology)


Kathleen Donohue


Selected courses in Population and Evolutionary Genetics:

Life Sciences 1b. An Integrated Introduction to the Life Sciences: Genetics, Genomics, and Evolution
OEB 152. Population Genetics
OEB50 Genetics and Genomcis
OEB 53 (formerly Biological Sciences 53). Evolutionary Biology
OEB 125. Molecular Ecology and Evolution
OEB 192. Microbial Evolution
OEB 252. Coalescent Theory
OEB 253r. Evolutionary Genetics Seminar
OEB 271. Natural Selection in Evolutionary Processes
OEB 275r. Neutrality, Selection and Population History
OEB 278. Ecological Genetics
Human Evolutionary Biology 1463 (formerly Anthropology 1463). Molecular Evolution of the Primates
Mathematics 153. Mathematical Biology-Evolutionary Dynamics