Information Technology Services for OEB

User Support

- Help is available when you are having a problem with your computer, software, network connection or file storage.

  • Phone for support. Contact the FAS IT helpdesk at 617-495-9000.
    - available M-F 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 .p.m.; Weekends, Holidays & University inter-sessions 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 .p.m.
  • E-mail for support to and include as many details as possible about your situation requiring support.
  • FAS Exchange E-mail Account (IRIS) Webmail
    - Check your FAS Exchange E-mail Account (IRIS) Webmail
    - for users whose e-mail account(s) have been migrated to or originated on the FAS Exchange E-mail Server (IRIS)
    - refer to the official guide to Iris E-mail tools.
  • Request a New FAS E-mail Account
    - for newcomers to set up your new FAS Exchange E-mail Account (IRIS) in the form of "" (Harvard PIN required)
  • OEB E-mail Address Eligibility
    OEB e-mail account aliases, in the form of "" provide an alternate address to access your FAS e-mail account. This address is not a separate e-mail account.

    OEB e-mail addresses are available to individuals who are appointed to positions in OEB, the MCZ, the HUH, and the Arnold Arboretum. Individuals automatically eligible for an OEB e-mail address include faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, exempt and non-exempt staff, associates, and visiting researchers and fellows. Temporary e-mail accounts may be provided to temporary employees, visitors, and contractors upon request and approval by local unit HR.

    Please contact the appropriate HR representative with any questions about your e-mail account:

    • Accounts for OEB, MCZ, HUH Administrative Staff, Temporary Employees, and Visitors:
      Please contact Damari Rosado, OEB Assistant Director of Administration,, 5-2305 for assistance during the current HR personnel transition.

    • Accounts for OEB, MCZ, HUH Faculty, Visiting Scholars, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Graduate Students:
      Christopher Preheim,, 4-9271

    • All Arnold Arboretum Accounts:
      Cindy Cushman,, 4-5745

File Sharing
  • Sharing files using Accellion
    - when you want to send or receive files with recipients both inside and outside Harvard;
    when shared files are too large to use e-mail; when files require secure connections.
Internet access & publishing
Research Computing
Network Connections
VPN (Virtual Private networking) Access

- to connect to the Harvard network from off-campus locations or gain network access from a wireless connection on campus. After connecting you can access your home folder or shared group folder.
- to view a website which is visible only to those on the Harvard network
- to use keyserved FAS software when away from the Harvard campus

  • FAS IT Software Download (Harvard PIN required)
    - FAS provides many software packages for use by faculty, students, labs and staff. Most products require you to also install their keyserver application and either be connected to the Harvard network directly or by VPN.
  • Software on the Bauer Core Linux Cluster
    - Applications running on the cluster are available to Harvard research groups. Access to the Cluster requires a Bauer Core account.
    - A few of the popular applications are: BLAST (NCBI and WU), EMBOSS, Primer3, QRNA and SNOSCAN, Bioperl, GMEP, Mathematica (Bauer Lab only)
  • Purchasing software
    - if you need to purchase software or a license, please visit UIS Tech Services